About Us

We are the last Vent hood Cleaning Company in Kansas City you will ever want to hire!

mid-america-aboutWhy?  Ask one of the many customers that we have serviced for over 20 years. (Many of our competitors employees haven’t even been alive that long).

Maybe it’s because we do what you hire us to do. Clean the Vent hood system to NFPA 96 standards. That means we clean the Fan, Top & Bottom. Cleaned entirely so the fan is balanced to eliminate premature failure. We clean the Duct from the top to the bottom and back to the top. All access panels are removed for service if applicable. We clean the Vent Hood itself. Many of the systems look like new after service.

Maybe it’s because your facility is left as clean or cleaner then when we arrive.  That means attention to detail. Hoods, Walls, Doors, Rooftops, Ladders and sinks are not overlooked.

Maybe it’s because our customers just don’t have to worry about the Vent Hood system. As a customer, you are contacted when service is due for a convenient date for service. We are available 24/7.

Maybe it’s because we save you money.  We are a small business. No Franchise here. Our overhead is low. We use top of the line, Cadillac of the industry, equipment. This allows us to complete the job as scheduled on time. With proper tools and equipment, your Fans are cleaned properly allowing them to never need replacing due to your service provider.

Maybe we have been in business for 30 years because, well…  We are some real nice guys to do business with. We work by the Golden rule. Your equipment and your staff are treated that way.

In a nutshell, your vent hoods service will be provided by Company owners. Guys who care about what they’re doing.  We realize that to be in business for 30 years, your customers must be satisfied enough to allow you back year after year.  You won’t see a crew of high school kids come in and trash you kitchen from us. Top to bottom, your systems cleaned to code. Numbers don’t lie.  If you are in the restaurant business for 30 years it’s because you have many very satisfied customers.

Find out why since 1986 we are the Original Kitchen exhaust system specialist.  Not a franchise, not under new ownership. The last Vent Hood Cleaning Company you will ever want to hire.