Restaurant Vent Hood Maintenance Since 1986

Why spend money on Restaurant Hood Cleaning?

Regardless of how large or small your commercial kitchen is, or what volume of food is produced each month, combustible grease and oil build-up in the hoods, ducts, and fans. Everyone in the building could be in danger if these combustibles ignite. That’s the reason exhaust hood cleaning is so important. This essential maintenance step is also critical for keeping your exhaust system functioning at top performance.


Reduces the risk of fires- The purpose of a vent hood is to trap as much grease and smoke as possible. That’s why it’s located directly above your cooking equipment. Each day the hood accumulates more sticky grease. If this grease is heated to a high enough temperature the grease could ignite. Grease fires are very dangerous and burn incredibly hot. So any step you can take to reduce this risk is worth it.

  • Helps you stay in compliance- If a local fire inspector makes a surprise visit to you or kitchen, he could fine you or shut down the restaurant if he discovers the kitchen vent hood is not clean and well maintained.
  • Keeps insurance costs lower- Insurance companies require commercial kitchens you comply with all fire safety codes. If you’re found in violation of any codes, you could lose coverage or have higher premiums.
  • Physically you could clean your kitchen hood system yourself, although this excerpt from the NFPA 96 states why that is not a good idea.

11.3- Inspection of exhaust systems – The entire exhaust system shall be inspected by a properly trained, qualified, and certified person acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

As a certified hood cleaning company we can also help you by saving your time and effort, we can get the job done right, address necessary repairs, and address fire code issues.

Before and After

To avoid fire safety and compliance trouble, call Mid America Service Company we have been performing this preventive maintenance since 1986, for small and large venues. We will work with your schedule to find a time that works for you.