Access Panels Kansas City

When it comes to the optimum efficiency in fire safety of kitchen exhaust systems, two conditions are crucial:
1. Frequency of cleaning
2. Access into system

Properly spaced access panels in ducts are the key to removing combustible grease for a thorough cleaning job. It is agreed upon by all good Hood cleaners that if we were allowed to access it, we would clean the entire system. Hood cleaning companies are not consulted regarding system design. It is our job to inform business owners of design flaws in their engineered system and the need for greater access.

The NFPA 96 outlines where access panel should be located:

4.1.8- All interior surfaces of the exhaust system shall be accessible for cleaning and inspection purposes

7.3.1- Openings shall be provided at the sides or at the top of the duct, whichever is more accessible, and at the change of direction On horizontal ducts, at least one 20” by 20” opening shall be provided for personal entry Where an opening of this size is not possible, openings large enough to permit thorough cleaning she’ll be provided at 12’ intervals Upblast fans shall be supplied with an access opening of a minimum 3” by 5” or a circular diameter of 4” on the curvature of the outer fan housing to allow for cleaning and inspection of the fan blades

These codes make accessing your ductwork the law, but more importantly keeping your ductwork clean is one of the most important elements in fire prevention. Fires that start in the kitchen can quickly spread into the rest of the exhaust system through the vent hood and into the ducts. Combustible grease in the duct work provides fuel for a fire to grow. This leads to fires that are often harder to control and inflict more and costlier damage.

Before and After

Mid America Service Company helps prevent fires by suggesting and recommending the installation of access panels when necessary to ensure the entire system can be cleaned properly.