Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can we clean our hoods on our own?
Answer: NFPA 96 states, “The entire exhaust system shall be cleaned by a properly trained, qualified and certified company or persons.” This type of cleaning requires special tools, equipment, and knowledge to properly and thoroughly service the kitchen exhaust system.

Question: Why is cleaning the exhaust system important?
Answer: Kitchen exhaust systems have legal requirements stemming from the fact that most cooking facility fires originate in the cooking area. The fire in the kitchen area quickly spread into the exhaust system which can act as a fuel for the fire and quickly escalate into unmanageable fire for the whole building.

Question: What needs to be cleaned?
Answer: We clean the entire kitchen exhaust system. This includes what you can see (hood, filters, exhaust fan) and parts hard to see (horizontal and vertical ductwork). In addition, we clean fan and fan housing on the roof. We accomplish this by first scraping to remove any heavy grease build up, applying our cleaning agents and using hot water pressure to wash the entire system from top to bottom. Then we clean and polish the hood.

Question: How often should I get my system cleaned?
Answer: The frequency of cleaning depends on your facility by the type of cooking and how often your system is being used; monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly.

Question: What should I look for when hiring a company?
Answer: You should look for companies with employees with certified technicians to perform or supervise the work and companies who have full insurance coverage in the event things go wrong such as property damages and/or injuries rising out of the service. Mid America Service Company in Kansas City is fully insured and bonded. In addition, we always have a certified technician to lead or supervise the work and our employees are also fully covered under worker’s compensation.

Question: What is Mid America Service Company’s Key Program?
Answer: Mid America Service Company Key Management program is an optional program available for our customers which allow us to enter, clean, and close your facility according to your specific instructions without you or your employees there. The key will be numbered and recorded, stored in a key lock box with our company for future scheduled cleaning.

Question: Do you do your cleaning service when the business is closed?
Answer: Yes, but we can start the process approximately 30 minutes before you close your kitchen such as hooking up the hoses, setting up ladders and access to the roof area and mixing chemicals while you turn-off and cool the equipment under the hood.

Question: Do you guarantee that our system will pass all inspections?
Answer: Yes, at Mid America Service Company in KC we guarantee that our cleaning will pass all inspections. Please note that if your kitchen exhaust system has not been on regular maintenance schedule, sometimes, it requires more than one cleaning to pass all inspection, including our company standards!