Hinge Install Services in Kansas City

Some fans require much heavier duty hinges to safely lift and clean what’s beneath. Doing the job right the first time saves fan damage like this unit had experienced while keeping the flammable grease out of the ductwork. Call us and we are happy to help discover what may be best for your equipment.

Hood Care Made Easy

Hood care made easy.. a very informative article for those in a position to choose a hood cleaning provider…


“You have a kitchen exhaust system for three reasons (besides the fact that they’re required in most operations): the safety of your guests and staff; their comfort; and protection of the restaurant itself.

Kitchen ventilation systems pull heat, smoke and odor away from cooking surfaces, which makes both the kitchen and restaurant environment more pleasant and comfortable, and helps protect against fires. Type I hoods, which are required over most gas-and solid fuel-burning equipment or cooking equipment that produces grease or smoke, also have a fire suppression system for additional protection against grease fires.”


Hood Cleaning

Both of these hoods were cleaned at the same interval. Talk with the guys who have seen many varieties of dirty to determine what service interval best fits your needs at a fair price.

NFPA 96 code

NFPA 96 code states- Upblast fans shall be supplied with an access opening of a minimum 4 in. on the curvature of the outer fan housing to allow for cleaning and inspection of the fan blades.
Outside of being code, this access is amazing for a hood cleaner. This fan was wobbling due to the outside build up, after the access was installed the blades could be cleaned properly. This access install cost much less than a new fan or any downtime.